{December 28, 2008}   A BAD BEGINNING
Original Post in Spanish published HERE on Oct, 6 2008

The Cloud Gate, a sculpture by Anish Kapoor, is one CHICAGO’s symbols

Oh yes, we began bad. I was supposed to travel with Paula to the US, but as she told you, last Sunday I was in a car crash on Cordoba and 9 de Julio, and my neck and car were badly shaken. They took me to the hospital Ramos Mejia and I ended up with a neck brace that I to Chicago two days later than the original plan. I could get on the airplane thanks to pain killers and four days of forced rest. The first hours of the flight were terrible. Everything hurt. Even my soul. But I did not think of getting off this trip. The situation was improving as the hours passed and I went to asleep. I did not sleep as badly as I imagined. Airplane food is never a luxury (and much less the portions) but the truth is that the beef stroganoff was pretty good (but never as good as Gra’s). For dessert, dulce de leche mousse (which generally I do not like), and that was it. They woke us up for breakfast at 5 a.m. It’s been eons since I had breakfast that early. The menu? One medialuna and tea. They brought a mini fruit salad, but I only ate the grapes and the oranges. The pineapple was impossible. It pained me. The stewardesses of American Airlines were not of the most amiable variety. The girls were in a really bad mood. I understand them, at 3 a.m. I went to request water to take a medicine and they were wide awake. What a bummer! In addition, they had to deplane a passenger who insulted somebody and almost got into a fistfight. Yes, they took him off the plane because according to their explanation is prohibited to insult any member of the crew. I had a connecting flight in Miami and Paula was awaiting for me at the airport. She took me straight to the Hilton and from there to do several interviews. I did not have time to breathe! I ended up editing videos way late into the night until I fell very tired. I went to sleep in love with Chicago. And I still hadn’t seen much. The next day we drove around the city looking for Obama’s house. And I confirmed my love at first sight. It is a dream. Lots of green, water and asphalt. My perfect combination.


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