Published in ruta-66 on 07 Oct 2008

Petals, candles, soft music, a bit of bubbles and a bottle of champagne. The hair gathered, a rebellious curl that falls smooth, bold, on the shoulder. Somebody that enters slowly and devours with his glance from top to bottom. I am sure that you imagined something like that when you read the title of the post, but no. I’m sorry to put an end to your imagination and the story. Yes, it was a bathroom with a scent of roses and super hot, but because it was a very hot day. I ran into it in Joliet, on Route 66. Yes, at a service station. The kind through which tens of truck drivers and thousands of tourists with their daughters drive by every day. There, almost in the middle of nowhere, I felt, I inhaled, I enjoyed one of the richest aromas that I had encountered. I felt like staying there, sitting down breathing the aroma. But Paula was waiting for me outside, with her hands smelling of gasoline. It was not fair to have her waiting. She had filled Lilly’s tank up. We did not tell you yet? Our light truck, with which we are crossing the US from end to end, is called Lilly. I baptized it that way in Joliet, the first town that still conserves an original section of Route 66. There, Lilly received its fire baptism, but that, is the subject of another posting. Maria
PS: I promise better photos of Lilly, this is a video frame.


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