Original Spanish posting published HERE on Oct, 6 2008

Michigan Ave. Chicago’s most important avenue

The trip started with an accident that kept us in suspense. Actually it was just the day before leaving Buenos Aires for Chicago where Route 66 begins. Maria’s car was hit by another car that run a red light somewhere on Avenida Cordoba . Not only she suffered some contusions, her car looked like a tuna can -that’s how she described it, I didn’t see it- but the women who left her like a sardine got off her car and hit Maria in the nose. Poor Maria, everybody offered her handkerchiefs to stop the bleeding. Luckily she didn’t suffer any serious injuries, but she had to postpone her trip for a couple of days because she couldn’t move because of the pain. This caused a delay in our departure plans.

I left on schedule to the US and we agreed that Maria take some time to recover before traveling. In the meantime, in Chicago I worked on some articles about the crisis which Argentinians are so interested about. Finally she arrived two days later with a preventive orthopedic collar which she stills wears with pride. I felt very guilty when I went to pick her up at the airport carrying a full agenda of interviews we had to do right away.

But she endured perfectly well, and she gets better every day. Looks like hard work is good for her, and that’s fortunate: this trip on Route 66 is dizzying and there is not enough time for tears


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