{December 28, 2008}   DEEP AMERICA HERE WE COME
Original Spanish posting published HERE on Oct, 5 2008

MILE 0. On the left lamppost is the sign that marks the beginning of Route 66

This will be our travel log. At first you will think that we are a bit crazy, and the truth is, you may be a little right. Who’d think of driving almost 4,000 kilometers on that dusty and at time ghostly road? Two women in the middle of nowhere, in the desert, surrounded by cactus, cowboys and motels from the movies? Yes, ladies and gentlemen. There we go, against all prejudices and in search of what we know how to do: to tell stories.

The Rute 66 idea was born for years ago, during a journey almost eventful through the heart of the country covering the elections won by George Bush. How to show, in real time, all the facets this country and its 300 million inhabitants have ahead of the most dramatic elections in their history.

Conservatives, liberals, hippies, religious, young, old, lovers of the arts and the guns.

Traveling the country from one end to the other on Route 66, one of the greatest icons of the United States will give us the best panorama. To show the Argentinians deep America. We want to invite you to share day by day our voyage, to offer your opinions and suggest places to visit and to stories to tell in this unique coverage. Welcome.


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