{December 28, 2008}   OBAMA CONNECTS
Published in Spanish HERE on 08 October 2008

We left Chicago, the home of Barack Obama and the people who know him well. After interviewing friends and acquaintances –and also tens of people who see him only on television– we were left with the impression that what is more valued about Obama’s personality, is his ability to connect with people. He is described as a a common, simple person, like “the neighbor next door.” Able to engage a person in the neighborhood for hours of conversation . But now we are leaving Illinois, “a liberal” state and we’re entering states where the democrats do not win comfortably, or lose in the polls. In the next days we are going to explore the conservative universe. Route 66 also runs through the land of John McCain, Arizona. There, we will explore – as we did with Obama– what people think about the republican.


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