{December 28, 2008}   FAST, FAST, FAST

Published in Spanish HERE on 16 October 2008

Here almost everything works that way, well and fast. Mainly the latter, fast. It can be verified in almost all the daily activities. People wash the car in two minutes. They serve the food in that time and they retire the plates in even less, as soon as one finished eating. But not only that. The response of the government agencies also is impressive. It is enough to leave a message in a telephone answering machine, requesting information, and in less than 24 hours, the telephone rings at least 10 times. It happened while we worked on the article on stress and the crisis. I contacted the Department of Health of several states and they did not stop surprising me. In Argentina, and I do not want it to sounds as criticism, everything is much slower. Mainly with the official agencies. That the person in charge is not in, that he is on vacation, that we have to call the department of Public Relations and from that we’re bounced to Press and soon one must send a note in writing requesting information…. It is time consuming. Although also it is certain that it is not that way 100% of the times. For that reason one is surprised when just by leaving a cellular number on an answering machine, we get calls from the Press Secretary of the Department of Health, and five different assistants. They provide telephone numbers, Web pages, statistics, reports and more. They even continue calling after one published the note (although they do not know it) asking if one needs something else. It passes in the land of fast food. And of course, it is fast.



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